Nothing feels very funny this morning. A Friday Facepalm somehow feels inappropriate. Once again, the same awful story. Once again the tragic images of flashing lights and crying families. Once again, the same ridiculous argument in the news and once again, the same people defending a side of an argument, that is so illogical, my […]

Photos are powerful things. They can break us down, build us up, enrage us, make us laugh, and bring us to tears. Faced with an unending stream of tragic images, photos can also lull us into a state of apathy and inaction. And just as quickly a single photo can jolt us back to reality and spur […]

In my twenties I did something really out of character. It still shocks me to this day. I really wasn’t the type to do it, but what the hell, that’s the decade to experiment and be crazy. Besides I only did it once and never again. To most people it wouldn’t amount to a life […]

For this Friday’s Facepalm, I want to share a guest post I wrote for the blog The OMG Spot by the fabulous Helleanor Rigby. Helleanor has had quite the wild ride in her young life and writes about it with such raw abandon, her posts make me laugh out loud while breaking my heart. She is truly one […]

I have an uncomfortable relationship with the beauty industry. Hair care is really the only place where I will seek professional help. It’s just not all that often, because recently my hair stylist Chris pointed out that he hadn’t seen me in 2 years. As for the other stuff, I can count on one dry […]

This sentence has become somewhat of a motto to my husband Rob and me. It began at a fundraiser to end violence against women that we attended about a year ago. During dinner, I had Rob on one side and an ex-NHL player on the other. Let’s call him Jockstrap. While I am a sports […]

There are so many things in this world that I just cannot understand. Try as I might, I cannot begin to wrap my head around certain mysteries of the universe. For this week’s Friday Facepalm, I have picked three things currently in the news that I just don’t get. Why still so much of this […]

I recently bought a couple of new lamps to replace a pair of vintage lamps. Not vintage as in lava lamps from 1978; these are vintage, circa 1945. They are bombs from World War II made into lamps. Yes you read that right. Bombs. From World War II. They were made by Rob’s grandfather and […]

A mother is standing in line at the grocery store. Her six-year-old daughter is amusing herself looking at magazines, while her toddler is getting restless in the cart. The store is crowded and the line is long. She knows the toddler is overtired, because he just started daycare and has been slow to adjust. To […]

I thought I would start a Friday post about a random topic that has crossed my path during the week. I’m going to call it, “The Friday Facepalm.” For my first post, I would like to talk about something I heard on the radio yesterday. I listen exclusively to talk radio in the car. I […]